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Happy Home Haircare

For most of us, hair is a vital part of how we present ourselves to the world. Image is important to us and we want to make the best of ourselves.

As we get older, it becomes increasingly difficult for some to continue with regular hair care routines, and a little help is needed. If an elderly friend or relative has good mobility, a visit to a local salon is good for a change of scenery and great for morale. A housebound person may on the other hand need a visit from a professional mobile hairdresser/barber. If the housebound person is fortunate enough to have the services of a professional carer then you can always request in-home help with shampooing and general haircare.

Of course it’s not always possible to have these services on offer, and a relative or friend may need to step in and help where needed.

Sometimes it can be be difficult to shampoo, dry and style a loved ones hair. Alternative solutions can be Dry Shampoos, Wet Cap Shampoos or No Rinse Liquid Shampoos. These can be easily applied, massaged into hair, combed through and dried.

Hair, Care & Dementia will be talking in depth about Happy Home Haircare and these products on our blog soon! Here are a selection of our Salon Tips & Stories to help you achieve perfect productivity.