I often think, what have I let myself in for? Sharing part of my life with the world, guess that’s being a little presumptuous, I mean really? Is anyone remotely interested in the life and times of a Hairdresser from Hampshire?

Well I hope you will be interested, my mission is to keep you interested, and along the way give my readers an insight and an understanding of my world in Hairdressing, Care and Dementia. It’s not all doom and gloom, we have our ups and downs just like everyone does, but we do have fun, and it’s all about busting the myths after a dementia diagnosis. A person living with dementia or health issues still has a life to live. Not every day is a sunny day, that applies to all of us, but we think we do a pretty good job of bringing a little ray of sunshine into their lives.

Please stick around, this is my story and I want to share it with you.

My story began with encouragement and support from my family to shout about what I do for a living, they are the ones responsible for getting me off my backside, actually hairdressers don’t sit on their backsides for long, and starting my vision – Hair, Care & Dementia. I’m not going to witter on too much right now about our company, as the concept is covered in detail on the website, But all I can say is, it’s so much more than just hair! It’s a huge part of my life and those that are part of it. And I can’t wait to crack on.

Before I begin babbling on and blogging, I just want to say thank you to my family who gave me the motivation and confidence to do this. Firstly, a huge thanks to my amazing sons, Dan, George and Edward.

Dan, I hold him responsible for urging me to go forth with this idea, and as he got me into this, it was only right that I could call on his skills as a successful illustrator to design the beautiful eye catching butterfly Hair, Care, and Dementia logo, which we absolutely love and it defines us as company. We will be discussing the connection of the butterfly and dementia in future blog posts.

George, who has designed our website from across the pond in Toronto, after many facetime calls and numerous whatsapp chats has developed a fantastically awesome website. More on George later.

Edward, for his photographic vision, and artistic flair at our website photoshoots. He produced some fabulous shots for the website and got a real insight to how our company worked with clients living with dementia and the positive vibe we achieve.

Finally, a massive thank you to my long suffering and extremely patient partner Steve, and Edward’s girlfriend Charlotte for the many hours of advice, proof-reading, support and inspiration. I couldn’t of done it without you and the superabundant amount of tea and chocolate.

So a whopping thank you to my family, who have made all of this possible…..MWAH

Photoshoot Day

The subject matter is so much more important than the photographer

Gordon Parks

So my website designer, well actually he’s a graphic designer and one of my talented sons George, I can say talented can’t I? I am his mother and I’m biased, has asked me to provide photos for the new website. “Mum you can’t just take them on your mobile phone, we need professional photos”

So I lined up Maz the photographer with his all singing all dancing Nikon camera and I managed to get Maz an assistant photographer in the form of my youngest son Edward, another talent in my eyes who’s studying Graphic Design at Brighton University and I thought he would come in useful with his artistic eye!

Edward was given a tour around the impressive Langham Court Dementia home, and was introduced to Maz, the staff and residents. Beryl, one of the residents was booked in to have her roots done, and in turn was going to be our model for the afternoon. I knew Beryl would be the perfect client for our photoshoot, she has that fun spirit and zesty energy.

Whereas some dementia patients need calm and quiet, Beryl is quite the opposite and thrives on all the fuss and attention. When Beryl sees something she loves her favourite saying is “top of the pops” I knew we were in for an entertaining afternoon, sometimes work really doesn’t seem like work, today was one of those days.

Edward got cracking with his creative flair, rearranging towels, rollers, and various other props ready for some camera action. Maz carried on clicking with the Nikon, whilst I concentrated working my magic on Beryls roots.

Everything was going ‘top of the pops’ both Maz and Edward interacted with Beryl at various stages of her hairdressing session taking camera action shots of the shampooing process, cutting, blow-drying, the whole shebang and it just proved how much a person living with dementia could feel energised and uplifted by participating in this pamper photoshoot activity. In fact it uplifted us all to see Beryl enjoying herself so much.

We had lots of fun that afternoon, and decided to get Basil our Therapy Dementia Dachshund in on the act, which was quite a challenge! Eventually, after bribing him with a mountain of dog biscuits we got our reward and have some great shots of Basil posing on the salon chair.

I had no idea just how much work goes into a photoshoot, but after regular refuelling of coffee, cake and a lot of patience we nailed it. If you take a peek at our gallery page you will see some of the superb photos and memories Maz and Edward captured that day, most importantly, you will see our star of the show the amazing Beryl, she was ‘top of the ‘pops!”


Karen Woodger
Founder Hair, Care & Dementia