Meet Basil, he’s our very own Friendly Salon Dementia Dachshund with his wonderful calm temperament and cheeky fun character, Basil is an instant hit when he visits patients and residents in their own homes and care or nursing homes.

Pet therapy or animal assisted therapy (AAT) is now widely recognised as lifting spirits, bringing cheer and comfort to residents and staff. Patients in Nursing, Care Homes or Hospitals often benefit from AAT and studies have indicated that patients with dementia benefit enormously, they will interact, stroke, chat with animals and this can help keep someone with dementia engaged, reduce anxiety and improve their mood.

There was a day recently, when a resident was having an anxious unsettled day. She asked one of the carers if there were any animals in the home, to which the carer replied “Let’s see if Basil is in the salon today” within minutes the anxious lady was sitting in the salon with Basil at her feet and was instantly calm, reassured and smiling.

Many of the residents in care or nursing homes have been owners of pets in the past, so it’s essential for them to have continuity and maintain connections with animals.

We are a nation of animal lovers and in the words of George Eliot

“Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions, they pass no criticisms”

Watch this space for the adventures of Basil and his Furry Friends.