Website Launch

I decided to launch our website over the Easter week-end, you know, that wet, drizzly, cold Easter that everyone was moaning about. It was the perfect week-end to launch the website, a lot of people had cancelled plans, avoiding the cold wet spell and decided to stay put at home.

After a minor hitch with the email address, which meant having to wait for George, who looks after my website in Toronto, to wake up and rectify it with a substitute email address, we were finally ready to go live and officially announce our arrival online. The cold miserable weather seemed to work to our advantage, within minutes of the launch, the website launch post was getting a lot of attention. I knew I had the backing of a band of loyal friends and family rooting for me on social media, but I was astounded by the volume of support it actually received.

The one message I wanted to get across, was to shout out about how someone living with dementia is the same person inside, and still has a life to live! The life they once knew has now become a different life, but there are so many ways we can help that person live that life in a positive way.

So, having read through some of the encouraging, supportive messages on my social media posts, I came across a poignant, touching message from Vicky, this is what she had to say……

I have just cried my way through your wonderful website as I found it so touching. It resonates with me having lost my Mum to Alzheimer’s 3 years ago so I’m fully aware the need to bring in some light and happiness. What a special business you have created. Wishing you all the best x

That was all I needed, that one touching message from Vicky, was exactly the reaction I was hoping for. That moment propelled me forward and encouraged me to continue my quest for raising awareness for how we can make a difference to all those people living with dementia and other health issues, and my little contribution makes me feel that I’m doing something worthwhile in life.

I have been communicating with Vicky since she sent me that message, and we hope to be featuring ‘Vicky’s story’ on our blog soon.

Karen Woodger
Founder Hair, Care & Dementia